I am the sunset coast, reaching from the small fishermen’s villages around UNESCO site Le Morne, where life still follows the rhythm of nature right up to the hustle and bustle of Port Louis’ crowded streets. Some say that I am hot, dry and very sunny. However, I have a lush and green interior with waterfalls, rare species of tropical bird and great hiking. A bit further up and inlands, the only mountain village of Mauritius, Chamarel, is a must to visit for lunch and a stroll; the descent towards Case Noyale an adventure.

Behind the access road to the National Park, Black River is the place where people go on boats to see my beautiful coastline. Small Black River’s Peak is the highest mountain of the island, which can be reached easily from the Chamarel side. On its far left, Tourelle Mountain looms over Tamarin and Rempart Mountain resembles a famous peak of the Swiss Alps.

I have the island’s most famous surf spot in the bay of a village called Tamarin, right by the salt pans, with lots of tourist attractions, and boat tours to see but never chase the resident dolphins. After crossing the bridge and going around the bend, past Tamarina Estate and the best golf in the west, many visitors are drawn to Casela Animal and Adventure Park on one side and the long beautiful and hotel-studded beaches of Wolmar and Flic en Flac on the other. My coastline now becomes rugged around the town of Albion, where the lighthouse preventing boats going on treacherous cliffs looks like a red and white striped candy stick.

After Albion, it’s just a short distance to Grand River North West, and after crossing the bridge, Port Louis beckons with its famous attractions.