I am certainly the most original and lightly populated area. As I face the side of Mauritius which is mostly caressed by the trade winds, some dare to call me breezy. I boast many surprising and outstanding tourist attractions and a most impressive coastline. My climate is wonderfully refreshing in summer, and ideal for surfing and sailing during the winter months.

The upper part of my coast is marked by cosy coves and long stretches of white sandy beaches; home to some of the islands most famous hotels. Further down, large crowds come to visit the cascading waterfalls of Grand River South East and tourist landmark Cerfs Island, where they frolic in turquoise waters.
Southwards, the mountain range extends almost into the water; providing a picturesque backdrop of ragged green peaks and blue Ocean. This is the place, where famous hiking and hunting grounds as well as eco-parks offer thrilling activities, sweet scented oils and rare species to observe. For those eager for an overview, the climb onto Lion Mountain can be termed moderately easy and perfect views can be enjoyed from its top.

As my reef stretches from Trou d’Eau Douce way down south, its lagoon is the largest of the entire island¸ and a battle ground, where French and English ships fought a fierce battle long ago.

Crisscrossed by deep canals, these shallow waters are the playground for wind- and kite surfers, sailors and there is spectacular diving. The southern islands chain opposite the vast lagoon is well worth visiting. After crossing the largest bridge on the island, you will reach my southernmost outpost Mahebourg, the first capital of Mauritius and one of the finest places to visit; especially on a Monday market day.