If you are looking for a thrill-seeking experience during your holidays in Mauritius, what a better way than to free fall from an airplane more than a thousands of meters of altitude, all while performing acrobatic maneuvers in the air before landing?

Skydiving in Mauritius

Skydiving has been around for a long time in Mauritius, but it has become a popular tourist activity in recent years. Skydiving in Mauritius is not only affordable, but also offers spectacular tropical views. Joy, fear, adrenaline rush, breathtaking views and free fall, a beautiful mix of emotions that awaits you during this activity.

Everyone has their own perspectives, but for many visitors it is the most memorable experience during their trip on the island. Better known as Skydive in Mauritius, it is an adventure that promises the most picturesque views of the island. Perhaps it is the moment of the jump, or the impression of being like a bird in the air or the minutes before the landing, but memories are guaranteed.

Skydiving is appreciated and practiced all over the world, and in Mauritius the experience becomes even more vivid with the dreamy scenery of turquoise lagoons merging with the white sandy beaches. Whether during your flight or in free fall, you will be amazed by the unequaled beauty of the Mauritian coasts.

Tandem jumping

Skydiving can also be practiced in tandem in Mauritius. The main advantage of jumping in tandem is that you do not require any experience or be a professional. You just enjoy the adventure! This is the fastest and easiest way to jump from an airplane. If you are in good health and age for skydiving, you have nothing to fear, since the control of the jump does not depend on the participant, but your instructor, with thousands of jumps under his belt, he is in charge of everything. Associated with a professional and qualified instructor, you jump with a parachute for two people thousands of meters above the ground.

Your safety first and foremost

Even if your first dive does not require much training, you will receive instructions before the jump. You will be taken care of by a professional instructors upon your arrival on site. A short brief of 15 minutes for the instructions to leave the plane, how to make maneuvers in free fall and of course all the details to open his parachute yourself.

The safety in this type of jumps, as in any form of skydiving is extreme. The equipment used to make tandem jumps are parachutes with a larger size specially designed to carry 2 people. All equipment is in perfect condition and you will be equipped with the latest security systems.

Modern skydiving equipment nowadays are very reliable. The chances of dysfunction are very small. And in these cases of main parachute disorder, the skydiver is always equipped with a reserve parachute.

The minimum age for tandem diving is 16 years old. Minors need a signed authorization from the guardians signed in the center’s offices by one of the parents or legal guardians.

The weight limit for the tandem jump is 40 kg minimum and 95 kg maximum.  Physical handicaps do not prevent you from jumping but it is necessary to consult the base before booking.

Mauritius from bird eye

Skydiving is the perfect opportunity to enjoy one of the most spectacular panoramic views you will ever admire in your life.

Few visitors have the chance to enjoy a descent to such beautiful colors. Even before your jump, you will have the privilege of having a 360° overview on the splendid coastal landscapes, the tropical tones of the interior lands and the turquoise water with the shades of the Lapis Lazuli, easily distinguishable from the plane. A real bird eye picture of the island.

An overview of the experience that awaits you

The Skydive Austral take-off runway is located in the former Domaine du Mon Loisir at Rivière du Rempart, in the north-east of the island. Once there, you will be welcomed by a team of highly trained professionals.

When it’s time to get on the plane, you always feel the rush of adrenaline. You can see the altimeter starting to climb from 2000, 4000 then to 8000 feet you start feeling a tingling sensation in your feet. It is probably at this moment when we try to convince ourselves that it is not an ordinary experience.

Comes the moment of the briefing which lasts around 15 minutes. This informative briefing will lower your anxiety, giving way to a feeling of new adventures. As the plane crosses the island, the coastline seems to resemble the outline of a map; you will be totally captured by the fascinating contrast between the scintillating turquoise lagoon and the lush tropical vegetation of the island.

It should also be noted that your skydiving package includes a magical flight of 20 to 30 minutes over the island.

10,000 feet, now is the time to experience the wonders of Skydiving. Your instructor moves past you to the edge, you can feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins. While breathing deeply, your instructor reminds you to keep your arms crossed on your chest. In a few seconds, you’ll be there flying like a bird.

Your instructor leans forward, and you are descending into the sky with arms outstretched, the wind beating your cheek, and now you feel a real sense of freedom. Even if it only lasts 30 seconds, you know for sure that this is one of your adventures that will be etched in your memory for the rest of your life.

Once the parachutes are deployed, it’s time to watch the fascinating scenery for atleast 10 minutes before landing.

Important facts