Mauritius is often described as a “Shopping Paradise” by tourists. The cost of living on the island is very low, even with the inclusion tax refund policies. Standards are not even close to Milan or Paris, but you’re sure to find a wide variety of items.

More and more shopping centers with more than 1,000 duty free shops and services are growing around the island. In the busy streets of the capital, Port Louis, or the tourist shops along the coast, you will find local products, crafts, luxury shops and other services.

You may notice the “Made in Moris” label used to promote local products and at the same time participate in the national effort for the safeguard and creation of local jobs, hence guaranteeing the stability of the country.

Travelers Gift Ideas

If you are looking for original ideas for gifts, this is not what is missing on this multicolored island. There are oriental saris, African sculptures, ship models of that crossed the island during colonization, traditional rum, Creole musical instruments, spices, a great diversity of handicrafts and souvenir outfits such as beach pareos among many others.

The ladies will be amazed by the creativity of Mauritian craftsmen and of luxury jewelery, which remains very affordable compared to European prices. Shopping in Mauritius offers excellent value for money and is a fascinating and enjoyable experience.

Mauritius is world famous for the manufacture of quality textiles, jewelry and diamonds with unique cuts, a wide range of artisan products such as souvenir canvases, wooden sculptures and other jewels.

Renting a car will help you fish for better deals around the island. While some will rent a car for half a day to shop around and buy gifts, we recommend visiting unique places and enjoying the small artisanal workshops. If you visit the Château de Labourdonnais or the Seven Colors Earth of Chamarel, take the opportunity to buy local rum. “La route du thé” and “L’aventure du sucre”, are also excellent places to visit.

Shopping in Port Louis

Welcome to the capital and the business center in Mauritius. The largest city in the country is an attraction in itself. The city attracts more and more tourists, blending well with the cultures and traditions of Mauritians.

The most lively place in the city is its central market, the bazaar as it is called in Creole to describe the busy atmosphere that reigns there.

It is a wonderful place to discover the daily routine of the inhabitants of the country. The market has a real range of colors with stalls of fruits and vegetables on all sides. You will have the chance to discover all the fruits and vegetables from different parts of the country, but note also that some foods sold at the market are imported.

The left wing of the market also has good surprises for visitors. You will find a wide variety of traditional clothing, spices, plants, gift souvenirs, and other tourist products. You will good deals but can also bargain to obtain better prices.

Hundreds of Shops and stores offering products of all kinds can be found around the market. If you want to do your shopping in a quieter place, go to La Citadelle also known as Fort Adelaide dominating the capital. In addition to the view and the building that dates back hundreds of years, you will find stores offering luxury products.

The Caudan Waterfront, a sea front esplanade extending for several kilometers long is another place you can’t miss. There are hundreds of shops and boutiques of all kinds at affordable prices. You will have a large variety of choice with the many restaurants and entertainment places if you want to take a break. The Caudan Parking is also an excellent place to park safely if you want to tour the capital.

Shopping in Grand Baie

Heading north from Port Louis, do not hesitate to stop at Arsenal, a village well known for its brand name stores and many factory shops. Further north is the village of Grand Baie which awaits you with its supermarkets and other shopping areas. In malls in Grand Bay, no need to bargain, stores offer very affordable fixed prices. You can find some good addresses at “La Croisette” and also at the “Grand Bay Coeur de Ville”. A little closer to our villas in Grand Bay, you can stop at Sunset Boulevard, which also has a nice collection of shops and boutiques.

The schedules:
The opening hours of stores in Mauritius vary depending on the region, in Port Louis, while in shopping centers you can buy every day. For sister cities, the shops are open from Monday to Saturday except Thursday afternoon.