Island Hoping

If catamaran cruises, sun, turquoise waters, tropical meals to the rhythm of ravanne beats, desert islands and forgotten beaches speak to you, then you will surely appreciate island hopping in Mauritius.

The Republic of Mauritius is made up of about thirty scattered islands which are for the most part very accessible from the main island. Either on the north, the south, the east or west, you will find on every sides pristine uninhabited islands and islets. Take your sunscreen, beachwear and sunglasses,  we leaving to discover the most beautiful islands next to our villas in Mauritius.

Island hopping explained

Island hopping is an activity that you can either enjoy in a group or exclusively alone. You just need to rent a boat. Whatever your choice, you will always be amazed by the beauty of the Mauritian Islands. Taste the famous beer of the country while enjoying a beautiful sunset, watch the turquoise lagoon come alive to blue lapis lazuli and the song of the ocean will keep you good company throughout the cruise.

Catamarans are famous amongst Mauritians and tourists for these types of trips, but there are also some fast boats and yachts. These trips usually starts at 9:00 am and lasts all day. Because of its popularity, this tour is offered by virtually all tour operators and hotels on the island. You can also book online.

Which islands to visit?

Some islands like Ile aux Aigrettes are nature reserves while others are private ones, but many of them can be visited by the general public. This activity is mostly widespread in the north, west and east of Mauritius.

The northern islands

What distinguishes northern Mauritius from other regions is its wide variety of islets; each with their own geography, characteristics and history. Of the six islets on the North Coast of Mauritius, four can be visited.

Starting from Cap Malheureux or Grand Baie, the nearest islands are the Gunners Quoin, Flat Island and Gabriel Island, Round Island, and Snake Island. The most popular islands are the flat island and the islet Gabriel because of their untouched beaches, but one can also visit the majestic rock of Coin de Mire by motor boat or pirogue. Our villas in Grand Baie offers you absolute comfort with views of the northern islands.

The islands to the east

To the east of Mauritius, Ile aux Cerfs is famous for its kilometres of divine beaches. Next door is Mangenie Island and l’île de l’est which both offer similar natural settings. The three islands are located inside the lagoon and can be reached in 10 minutes by speed boat. Ile aux Cerfs hosts hundreds of visitors every day. At the edge of its beaches, dozens of catamarans make the trip from the beach of Trou d’Eau Douce and Belle Mare, while boats and canoes leave from Grande Rivière Sud Est via a guided tour of the famous waterfall.

Towards Mahebourg, you will sail around charming islets such as Bird Island, Marianne Island, Ile aux Fous, Ile aux Fouquets, Ile Vacoas and Ile de la Passe. Our beachfront villas; Lime Kiln, Tropical Temptation, Altaïr and Red Coral located in the East of Mauritius.

The islands in the south

The south of Mauritius is known to be a wild region, as is the case for the small islands surrounding this part of the island. In the absence of a coral reef and the merchantable winds of the south-east, navigation is also agitated.

The main attraction to the south is Île aux Aigrettes, which serves as a nature reserve and a scientific research station. The island has a total surface area of 27 hectares, of which more than half is explorable. The island has a wide variety of of plants and animal species.

Your next stop is 4 kilometres south to discover the “l’îlot deux Cocos”, a little piece of heaven near the Blue Bay Marine Park. The interior of the island is reserved for guests of the hotel, but access to the beach is public.

The islands in the West of Mauritius

Ile aux Bénitiers is ideal for island hopping. Located in the western lagoon facing the village of La Gaulette, Ile aux Bénitiers is easily accessible from Flic en Flac or Tamarin beach. The excursion to discover Bénitiers Island is often associated with other activities such as snorkeling, swimming, dolphins and whale watching. Once there, you will enjoy pristine beaches and a good meal on the island.

It is easy to think of Mauritius as a single island, since the majority of hotels and tourist attractions are clustered on the mainland, but there is more to see. However, you will need to take the necessary safety precautions and also remember that these islands are uninhabited. The tour operators who make the outings usually offer drinks and meals on the island, but things like towels, sunscreen, seasickness meditation, etc are not provided.