Horse racing

A day at the horse-racing track or living an exceptional Mauritian experience

Horse racing is one of the passions of Mauritians. Weekly rendezvous, usually on Saturdays, are eagerly awaited by people from different social classes and communities.

If you want to live a typical Mauritian day and vibrate with enthusiasts of this noble animal, a day at the Champ de Mars is essential. Creole Villas can organize this amazing journey for you! The husband of the agency’s director a horse trainer and a stable owner.

Baritone, the champion of the classic race La Duchesse 2018

A lodge, with service, food and drink can be rented at demand. During this exciting experience, you will have the opportunity to meet the coach, the jockey, the stable owner, take a look at the photo finish room and unique insights to the race analysis by the stewards and why not be in the heart of the action by following the car who runs along the track to film the race?

The frenzy between the races is palpable when everyone analyzes the next race trying to make a wise bet. As soon as the race starts, the tension rises by a peak and everybody’s hearts throb awaiting for a win from his favorite horse or stable of predilection. Competition is tough every week. The jockeys have to win their place and fight with their horses to hope to finish first at the finish line. The “photo finish” is sometimes essential to determine the winner as races can be very tight!

A day at the Champs de Mars, although well managed under the auspices of the Mauritius Turf Club, organizer of the races, is always full of surprises as nothing is as unpredictable as a horse race. As you will have understood, there is nothing as horse race day at the Champs de Mars on Saturdays in Port Louis, capital of Mauritius, to share a special moment of conviviality and excitement alongside Mauritians.

For the historical part, the racecourse is called the Champ de Mars and is located in a basin surrounded by a mountain range surrounding the capital, Port Louis. It was inaugurated on June 25, 1812, shortly after the creation of the Mauritius Turf Club, under the impetus of Colonel Draper to ease tensions after the capture of the island by the British. This horse racing field is the oldest in the Southern Hemisphere. The tradition of racing is well inscribed in the Mauritian DNA!

The atmosphere is always at its peak at the Champs de Mars racecourse may it be for stallions or fillies races. Come and soak up this special atmosphere or why not try your luck at a bet? An experience not to be missed during your trip to Mauritius!