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Are you secretly dreaming of your exclusive beach holiday on a tropical island like Mauritius? Are you tired of hotels and want to rather spend a holiday with family and friends in your very own self-catering beachfront accommodation?

What would you say about renting a luxury Mauritius beach villa for less than you will pay if you booked rooms in a hotel?

Now we can make your dreams come true, of enjoying the legendary Mauritian Island hospitality complete with maid service, cook, and your own private space to enjoy yourself at your leisure.

The founder of Creole Villas, Francis Masson, and his family are the proud owner of villa Riambelle and some of the other villas are owned by close family friends, hence our strong familial values at the agency, which are further translated in the convivial ambiance that our villas provide, without compromising our high standards of service.

Each villas has been tailored to satisfy your every need, and is equipped with modern amenities. Furnished to the highest standard, they blend perfectly with their respective setting.

Assisted by a dedicated and competent staff, the villas owners will greet you with a warm and cheerful welcome. Attentive to your every desire, they remain at your disposal for any queries you may have during your stay.

The different photos with their respective descriptions will allow you to enjoy the diversity of the many options available and to choose the villa that will best suit your idea of the perfect holiday in Mauritius.

See you soon !

Creole Villas’ Team

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True Mauritius

Under the Capricorn and very isolated in the Indian Ocean, this tropical island is a veritable melting pot. There is no official language, although English and French are just about as commonly spoken as Hindi and Hakka. Creole is the lingua franca to unite this small but incredibly divers universe...

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What makes “Creole Villas” stand out?

We are often questioned about our added value as the competition for villa rentals is fierce on this little piece of paradise, named Mauritius!

We stand out from other rental agencies by the unconditional support of our customers. Our rentals are stunning waterfront properties located on the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius and speak for themselves! It is also essential to highlight the fact that Creole Villas is a primarily family owned agency.

We understand the meaning of spending one’s holidays with family or friends and we will help you choose the villa that suits you best to tailor-make the perfect family holiday! Being pro-active and attentive to your every need, we will bring satisfactory answers to your questions.

Our tropical island is a real melting pot, a land of filled with warm greeting smiles and gentle breezes. You will immediately feel at home! “Home, away from home” while being miles away from the hassle of your everyday life, is our motto!

Delicious Mauritius

A cuisine with a thousand and one spices, colourful and unique flavours ... in short, the traditional cuisine of Mauritius is as diverse as the population that lives here and we could even talk about creole gastronomy! Whether it is Creole, Chinese or Indian cuisine, your taste buds will experience unique flavours...

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Plan your holidays in Mauritius

Planning your vacation on the other side of the planet can be challenging but spending them in Mauritius is often a dream coming true, one we are more than happy to contribute to.

Creole Villas is proud to welcome you in the southwest region of the Indian Ocean, near the tropical of Capricorn where this exotic island is a like a world on its own. The Republic of Mauritius is a small island where the existence of microclimates is real.

This tropical sanctuary of volcanic origin is considered as the youngest island of the Mascarene Islands. It has a total area of 2040 m² and lies about 1132 km from Madagascar and 2,000 km from the south-east coast of Africa.