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  • About Francis Masson

About Francis Masson

Being the descendant of a French pioneer who landed on the island in 1762 on my father’s side and counting the English officer who conquered the island in 1810 from the French as an ancestor of my mother’s family, I am happy to extend our warm and generous island hospitality to you.

I am the proud father of four daughters and several grandchildren, enjoying retirement from my former post as Managing Director. Owning 2 holiday villas in Mauritius, I like to dedicate my time to renting them out to holidaymakers. After my endeavour proved to be quite a success; family members and close friends entrusted me to manage the rental of their villas as well. I rather enjoy my occupation as a host, as it keeps me active and allows me to socialise with tenants worldwide.

I am looking forward to the pleasure of welcoming you in Mauritius. See you soon!


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