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Villa Riambelle: Encounter with a Southern Beauty

You are no ordinary holiday seeker! You travel to chosen destinations in order to relax and step out of your highly intensive and demanding everyday life. You seek total privacy, utter relaxation, beautiful surroundings and the comforts of a home away from home. Luxury for you is quiet and serene island hospitality in a private environment with a staff that goes out of their way to care for you and your loved ones. You are one of those who aim for an intense and out of this world tropical island experience.

I am Villa Riambelle, an elegantly built and lavishly furnished tropical beauty made of local stone and timber and set into a paradisiacal garden, adorned by a swimming pool, right by the beach of Riambel, a small community in the extreme South of Mauritius. I perfectly fit into this mythical place where sugar cane boats once came into small harbors, famous poets dwelled close by and where people from all over the world come to experience oneness with the Universe in a nearby sanctuary.

My owner loves and adores me; he jealously guards my pristine environment, and me, keeping me in top shape at any time. Indeed, I am a lucky one and so are those who come to spend a marvelous tropical holiday within my walls.

Warning: My perfect island style and rare beauty will entice you so thoroughly and deeply, that you will never want to leave!