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Villa Red Coral: A rare gem by the India Ocean

Surely, you will seek far and wide; leaving no stone unturned to spot the perfect holiday home, as you are convinced that at least once a year you deserve it for your special tropical island vacation!

You are not amongst the selfish ones, who cling onto good things exclusively; quite on the contrary – as your generosity knows no bounds, you freely share the best in life with family and friends; knowing that it will come back manifold.

I am not an easy one to come by. I stand in prime but very discreet position on one of the world’s most wonderful beaches and only the really determined seekers will ever find me. I am, just as my name indicates: a rare and hidden gem on the shores of the Indian Ocean.
The sun rises directly in front of me; as I stand caressed by the trade winds that come hundreds of miles across the sea. The turquoise lagoon is at my feet and many rarely beautiful flowers blossom in the garden that adorns me so generously.

I am quite large, without looking it, elegant at first, and utterly cozy at second glance. Of course I am beautiful; actually I am unforgettable. I am your holiday paradise by the sea; the stuff that dreams are made of. My owners are very jealous and only share me with a few carefully chosen guests and you can be among them.

Warning: I will go under your skin and you will think of those lazy days and starry tropical nights you stayed under my enchanted roof with a dreamy smile on your face - until we meet again.