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Villa Lime Kiln 

Villa Lime Kiln, A little piece of heaven

You are a genuine holiday seeker, longing to find your little piece of heaven on earth. Aiming to bring some equilibrium into your demanding lifestyle, you’ll go for no less than the real island feeling. You are eager to sample an authentic taste of paradise. For you, a holiday on a tropical island means relaxed and easy days, starry nights and lots of unspoilt nature combined with refined and luxurious island hospitality.

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Villa Mermaid

Mermaid Villa in Pereybere: There is nothing like the real thing

You are out there somewhere, working hard and looking for leisure. For a long time, you have dreamt of a sun-kissed island, with white sandy beaches and sunset views. Now you are determined to find that unique place where your long harbored dreams will become reality: You are looking for the real thing! Of course you are smart enough to know that shared pleasure is more pleasure so you want to take your family, friends and loved ones along, to sample a taste of Paradise.

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Villa Neptune

Villa Neptune

I am by no means a charming island maiden; my male and a bit rugged appearance is softened though by the beauty of the palm-studded garden and serene beachfront I was built on. Like God Neptune, I preside over the Ocean that stretches out in front of me. You will hear the waves rolling in from every point of my premises. This sound will dominate your lazy days and tropical nights throughout your stay, a constant and magical presence.

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Villa Cambresi

Villa Cambresi

Villa Cambresi is located on the pristine beach and truly exceptional lagoon of Pointe D'Esny.

The architecture and landscaping of Villa Cambresi have been designed to create a feeling of being on escape on holiday, in a villa in communion with its natural environment.

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