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Amaranth 1 & 2 apartments: Luxurious Serenity

You live your fast paced, high strung and very active everyday-life to the fullest. You are strong, successful and energetic. You love to work hard and play hard. However, there is this holiday-side in you, this dazzling and intensively sensual “you”, who wants to leave it all behind and, for a few wonderful weeks each year, step out of its shell and be alive.

You have been dreaming of an un-spoilt Ocean view, of luxurious serenity and the sheer pleasure of letting go. You are looking for an out of this world holiday experience, in a splendid beach apartment on a tropical island. You are looking for us!

We are Amaranth 1 & 2, two outstanding luxury apartments in Mauritius, in the very north of the island. We are your vision of purity and style become reality. We stand in unique position in the quietest spot on the most wonderful northern beach of this island. Our soft tones of white and beige do in no way disturb the lively and ever changing shades of the Indian Ocean, who hovers at our feet like a long lost lover.

We want to entice you, take you away into the place where you are surrounded, completely enchanted and utterly bewitched by our sheer comfort and luxury. We breathe the real tropical holiday feeling from our immaculately tended gardens with beach access, through the beautifully terraced first floor right to our luxurious rooftop pool with lounge area and breathtaking views.

Warning: Of course you will be under our spell as soon as you set your foot over our threshold!